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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about our grooming and bath services, scheduling and philosophy. 
  • What is the difference between a bath and a groom?
    Some breeds require haircuts as part of their grooming process like a Labradoodle or Shih Tzu. We call this a “groom.” Other breeds like a Labrador Retriever or Boxer just need brushing, bathing, nails trimmed and ears cleaned which we refer to as a “bath.” Be sure to specify which service your dog needs when making an appointment with us.
  • How often should my dog be bathed/groomed?
    How often you bathe/groom your dog depends on their individual skin and coat. Most healthy dogs need a bath every 1-3 months to minimize odor and oil buildup, but this can vary! Let’s go over some of the factors to determine what schedule you may need: Coat Type - Thick, double-coats shed constantly, which means bathing is required less often—every 2-3 months—but daily brushing is top priority! These pups most often do not get full haircuts, but you may want regular trimming services (such as on the sanitary area, or the ‘feathers’ on the backs of their legs). Short, single, or wiry coats are also relatively low maintenance, typically needing a bath every few months. For haircutting, it will depend on their activity level and what length/style you wish to keep. Soft, curly coats and non-shedding coats collect dirt faster, and are at higher risk for matting, so bathing monthly is ideal. For haircutting, keeping them on a regular schedule is key, especially if you are looking to maintain a longer haircut. Dogs with oily coats may need a bath every few weeks to reduce odor, and will benefit from daily brushing to remove hair and distribute oils. Indoor vs Outdoor - Dogs who spend more time outside may get visibly dirty and develop odor faster. Depending on their activity level, and coat conditions as already discussed, they may need up to weekly baths. Skin Conditions — Allergies, skin infections, and excessively oily or dry skin increase bathing needs. Refer to your veterinarian recommendations for frequency if there are skin issues like these. When in doubt, give us a call! We can go over these factors and come up with a schedule to keep your pup looking and feeling their best!
  • How long does it take to groom my dog?
    We strive to keep your dog at Muddy Paws for as little time as possible to make the experience as stress-free as possible. Your dog’s breed, type of hair and the cooperation with the grooming process will determine how long it will take. Dogs who are regularly groomed are generally in better condition and more comfortable with the process, resulting in quicker groom times and lower grooming rates. Brushing and blow-drying are the most time-consuming processes. The more hair your dog has the more time it will take to groom. On average, grooming times (including a haircut) are between 2 and 3 hours. Large breeds can often take longer. We do ask that you pick up your dog within 20 minutes after the groom is completed to minimize kenneling time (and anxiety) for your precious pup.
  • How much does it cost to bathe or groom my dog?
    Bathing and grooming rates are determined by the time it takes to groom your dog, their size, breed and temperament. Grooming rates are generally higher than bathing prices since a groom includes a haircut in addition to the bathing services. If your dog has matts or is shedding, extra time may need be spent brushing your dog out. We can give you a much better idea how much it will cost to bathe or groom your dog if you come by and see us!
  • When should I start having my puppy groomed?
    Soon after your puppy has received all of their initial vaccinations (usually about 12 weeks old), is a great time to begin introducing them to the grooming process. Since our goal is to give your pup a positive experience, we suggest the initial appointment include a bath, blow dry and brush out, limiting the trimming of the hair to around the eyes, paws and sanitary only. We refer to this service as a "Puppy Groom". If your pup enjoys themself, they’ll want to come back next time for more!
  • Do I need an appointment?
    You will need an appointment if we are doing a full service bath or groom. Waiting times range from a few days to a couple weeks for baths, and grooms vary, but may be booked out up to a couple of months, depending on the time of year. Be sure to plan ahead, especially around the holidays! Self wash, and nail trims can be booked in advance to guarantee a spot, but we also welcome walk-ins on a first come-first serve basis.
  • Will my dog be in contact with other dogs?
    For the safety of every dog in our care, we do not let dogs come into contact with one another. Please keep your dog on a leash the entire time while visiting Muddy Paws. You are responsible for supervising and controlling your own pet. Your dog may be friendly with other dogs, but not every dog is friendly that visits Muddy Paws Bathhouse.
  • I found lice or fleas on my dog, can they come to Muddy Paws?"
    Yes. One of our experienced groomers is happy to evaluate your dog to determine the best course of action. Visit us with your dog for more information. Please alert staff if you find lice or fleas while washing your dog during your visit at Muddy Paws. If lice is found during a full service bath or groom, we offer a medicated shampoo to rid your dog of the lice. Due to the contagious nature of lice, we cannot blow dry or cut your dog’s hair if lice is present. Your pet must be picked up immediately after the lice bath. Regular monthly Frontline topical treatment is recommended for all dogs to prevent fleas, lice, and ticks.
  • Can I stay with my dog and watch them be groomed?
    In our experience, dogs do better during the grooming process without their owners present. It is harder for your furry friend to focus on their groomer if their owner is within view, or even earshot. Dogs will often try to escape the groomer’s control and get to their owners if they are present. While some dogs may be anxious when being dropped off, most of our experience is that it only takes a few minutes for your dog to relax. We strive to make the drop off times quick to avoid a drawn out anxious building time for scared dogs.
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